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The Results of the forum on Inclusive Citizenship amid Religious and Cultural Diversity


The time at which the sons of Iraq to achieve victories against terrorist gangs of ISIS a forum on “Inclusive Citizenship amid Religious and Cultural Diversity” was held in Irbil on 2 to 4 June 2016. This was the fifth in a series of meetings. It brought together intellectuals and religious leaders from a wide range of Iraqi communities, as well as from several European countries. The participants recommended as follows:

     1 -That the solution for Iraq is to enhance the status of citizenship, so all have equal rights

      and duties under the rule of law.

     2 -That the well-ordered state should protect and guarantee for all Iraqis the fundamental

     freedoms of belief and expression.

  1. That authentic reconciliation should be promoted among the Iraqi people ensure the

     enhancement of mutual trust.

  1. That religious, educational, and media institutions should actively support inclusive

     citizenship, co-existence, and respect for others.

  1. That religious leaders should educate their congregations to respect our humanity and

    to reject all forms of extremism, hatred, and the use of terror.

  1. That after completely liberating the land of Iraq from Daesh, the Iraqi government

     should implement procedures for the establishment of peace and to prevent negative

      consequences from arising, such as cycles of revenge and sectarianism.

  1. That cultural institutions, civil society organizations, and universities should channel

     their energies towards the eradication of everything that would be detrimental to


  1. That the capacities of young people should be given much attention, and support should

    be given to activities that ensure them with a life in dignity and an education that protects

    them from extremism.

  1. That the role of women as half of society should be reflected in their status as citizens, and they should have a substantive role in the development of society.

The forum that resulted in this declaration was organized by the Peace Research Institute Oslo, the Hikmah Center for Dialogue and Cooperation, and the Center for the Study of Islam and the Middle East.



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