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Al Hikmeh center participates at International Paris conference and confirms on the plaint of the Shiites in the world

CaptureSamahat ALallmah Alsayyed Salih Al-hakeem ,the president of Hikemah Center for Dialogue and cooperation participated at International Paris Conference that hold at 8/9/2015 about victims  of religious and ethnic violence   ,the conference hold at the ministerial center for the conferences with participation of 60 countries and 15 international organizations to do a road map includes suggestions for moving on the Humanitarian, judicial and political level about the victims of the middle east .

The speech of Alsayeed Salih includes a set of centers :

1-Moslems Shiites are targeted in the first class to the terrorist gangs  in several areas of the world , in Iraq  the terrorist works constitute % 90 of it that target Shiites population .

     This comes after issuing Fatwa in the name of the religion that  atones Shiites, Even allows the killing of their children and women ,alas we have not heard any defense or mention to these plaints in international forums  which represent  a question mark for millions of Shiites in all areas of the world where imply to them as if the blood of Shiites and their victims do not constitute a figure worthy of respect ,and some people interpret the silence of the world is a support to terrorism .

   2- the sufficiency in acquittal Islamic religion  from accusation of terrorism is not a solution for the disaster that befell on the humanity as a result of terrorist works that carry the name of Islamic religion .

Scientists of Muslims should confess the existence of abnormal group within Islamic entity depend on views of  Scholars and thinkers that are  perverts and extremists ,they atone every one differs with them in sect or religion ,subsequently the scientists of Shiites should treat these imbalance and deviation , Which is in reality far from the spirit of Islam and the principles of humanity ,and the governments of Islamic countries should observe  education curriculum in the schools and mosques and refining it from the Penitential and exclusionary  thoughts , and adopting the dialogue as a base for the coexistence .

3-The bad exploitation of religion that meets with satanic political interests ,they are props that support the terrorism ,

And no way for basic solutions , but by sober and intellectual treatments , and cut off sources that support the terrorism ,and activating the international judicial procedures to pursuit the terrorists and criminals that supporting them .

It has been mentioned that the conference concluded its works emphasizing on the following matters :

International society and concerned countries should give great importance to facilitate the return of refugees and displaced people , and the participants have to determine to increase support to the affected population ,and the societies ,countries that host them to enable them to live in dignity with saving their identity ,and support national authority , local governments and the societies that host refugees and displaced people through the preparation of programs capable  to mitigate the burden that lying on it and increase their powers ,as well as improving health services and the education ,and care in the victims of violence through the activities of psychological ,medical and social follow-up ,and the importance of restoration of infrastructure and public utilities in particular the hospitals and schools for encouraging groups to re-mixing ,and executing social, economic growing programs in the areas of population return and also taking into account the people most at risk ,especially women and children , as well as paying careful attention to the conditions of retrieving real properties of the displaced people.



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