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Hikmeh center participates at Italy ‘s conference and calls to tolerance culture and freedom of thought

By invitation of the president of inter-ministerial committee for human rights in the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation in Roma .
Samahat AlAllameh Alsayyed Salih AlHakeem the president of Hikmeh center for dialogue and cooperation participated at the conference of freedom of conscience ,thought and religion on 18-19-2015 .
He has participated with 30 personalities of several countries represented intellectual , academic and humanitarian organizations and institutions .
AlSayyed Alallameh has said about the first axis ( freedom of thought ,religion and expression ) in two issues :
Freedom of thought is the perfect way to reach the truth , and human by his innate has free and wonder thought that reject restrictions , and the bug that corrupts the instinct when human has fed with ideas that contrary to his habits , by brainwashing process which is production of training and educational process leads to the ossification and reject the other , starting to see things as a non-reality .
The cultural brakes that stand against the thought ossification are :
1- Humanitarian association : spreading the idea of humanitarian nation , the humanitarian link is the strongest , and all discrimination in the human affiliation is an illusion , ( all of you from Adam and Adam from dust ) , there is no differences between human wounds , in this point the clerics play larger role .
2- Common destiny : it imposes us coexistence , the content of the prophetic hadith says ( if you were in a ship and one of you wants to breach it under his feet you should prevent him even if in his own portion ).
3- The dialogue : no way for the coexistence but in dialogue , and accept the diversity ,Quran says ( I am with you in right way or you in clear error ) , Imam Ali ( peace upon him ) says : ( people are two categories whether your brother in religion or rival for you in creation ) , we are whatever reaching of science is limited and need to the other ( what you have given of science but little ) the generous Quran .
4- Finding truth : spreading the spirit of finding the truth , as if the truth that human searches is the lost aim , ( wisdom is the aim of the believer) .
5- Leaving religious intolerance : we need to understand the spirit of religions , all religions see that the slavery is for God ( who is not limited ) , human liberation from the self-slavery or the slavery for anything but not God which is in its reality is a restriction for freedom of thought , the dangerous of religion is that slavery shift to the clerics , this is the great disaster .
The second issue in the first axis comes under title ” the situation at the middle east ” , as Samahat AlAllameh mentioned the situation by a set of points :
1- In our area the dictatorial regime is one of the most important factors that prevented the freedoms , and created appropriate ground to growing the terrorism , and killing the spirit of citizenship , because of people regard homeland is a property of the dictator , killing the spirit of cooperation and helping others are preventing pluralism of culture and reducing common freedoms .
2- Exploitation of religious spirit which is respected by peoples especially at the end of seventies of last century , so collapse of the socialist system ,also the poverty , destitution and the repression help on that , and the absence of freedoms in some countries such as Egypt ,Tunis and Pakistan .
3- Support that is not studied for dictatorships that adopted and supported the extremism and terrorism , and genocide to find new enemy after the communism , it is Islam , the first experience succeeded that is supported in Algeria to make humanitarian masses do not know but hatred and do not proficient but killing , we are as a peoples suffering from disaster .

There are some treatments that may benefit in mitigating the effects of this killer disease :
1-Religion should be away from political exploitation .
2-Support the humanitarian dialogue to promote peoples coexistence , especially in countries that the extremism was spared
3-Support the culture of human shared and the same destiny of human .
4-Cleaning the curriculum from the culture of racial and religious cleansing that spread in some countries .
5-Cut off the intellectual and logistic sources of terrorism .

The second axis ( methods of real ,inclusive and religious dialogue and appropriate applications to support and spread tolerance culture ):

Samahat AlSayyed Salih talked about religious dialogue :
Religious dialogue means the dialogue of clerics about the ideological aspects for reaching commons that reducing the religious and intellectual differences , we think that this type of dialogue is less importance than common humanitarian dialogue .
The creator dialogue is civil humanitarian dialogue that includes clerics and else regarding them as members of humanitarian family , here the religious culture and the humanitarian experiences interact for rooting intellectual commons , the successful creator dialogue is the stemming from the conviction and the faith , where these groups find themselves and its future in convergence with other , and the need of interests overlap and the unity of the risks that face , today the world is on two camps : they who believe in freedom for all , and they who believe in hatred , exclusion and racism , we can say that they are minority ,yes but one crazy can disrupt hundreds of people .
The danger of terrorism is real and threatens everyone , we need to the rapprochement to form a stronger force against the imminent danger , the dialogue should be a life necessity compels us not to arrogance on the other , the dialogue should be between the elites and the owners of responsibilities , the important that these elites able to transfer the concepts of dialogue to their masses , here we need people have credibility in their follower believe in the strength of dialogue , and feel the danger .
Here we should emphasize on :
1-Building moral system maximizes human .
2-Spreading rationality and wisdom .
3-The fight against ignorance .
4-Finding shared cooperation opportunities between peoples in different levels ( cultural ,economic ,social ) ,the rapprochement itself mitigate the extremism .
5- Developing an international law to punish and criminalize individuals or the countries that support the terrorism .
6- AlMarjiyyeh in Holy Najaf has confounded of important experiments that express the religious facing to save human and protect his dignity throughout history , from here we call the researchers to study this old school in deep history and interacting with reality .
What is mentioned that this conference comes according to the need for following essential rights of human such as freedom of thought ,religion and conscience , and what is the perception system that achieves the justice and reflects religious concepts? , is it possible to adopt a system based on principles harmonize with religious values and measures of human rights including the religion and freedom ? , is tolerance culture accepted ?



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