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HCDC Contuniues his march of dialogue and participates in Turkey , France and Italy Conferences

Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation and other foundations held Iraqi dialogue forum in Istanbul



Hikmeh center for dialogue and cooperation in holy Najaf ,Peace research institution in Oslo and Islamic studies ,Middle east center U.S hold the Iraqi dialogue forum which is took two days in Turkish Istanbul city ,its works emphasized on expressing real of what Iraqis people suffering and search common frames for all of its component to find scientific solutions to exit from the crisis that destroyed the country.

Samahat Alallamah AlSayyed Salih AlHakeem the president of Hikmeh for dialogue and cooperation said “After hard efforts and shared coordination between Peace research institution(PRIO) ,Islamic studies and middle east center (CISME) and our center HCDC) ,forum of Iraqi dialogue was held that aims to call representatives of Iraqi s components of different religions ,ethnics and nationalities ,and inviting religious, academic and governmental personalities of U.S, Switzerland ,Nerve to determine practical solutions that aim to find real solutions for the crisis that storms the country by Takfirist and terrorism”.

Al-Hakeem added ” the delegation of Iraq was composed of AlAllamah AlSayyed  Muhammad Ali Alhilu the director of the scientific Sadiq center and library ,the professor Abdul Razzak Alesa advisor of the minister of higher education and scientific research, Dr.  sheikh Mahmoud  Jarad AlEsawy Imam ,orator of Hadrah Kaderyyah and advisor of president of the republic in religious affairs ,Dr.  Abdullah Wesy president of scientists union of Kurdistan region ,the two members of representatives assembly Mrs. Layla AlKhafajy , Mrs. Vian Dikheel, Mr.  Hassan Al-Jarrah the representative of Orphan Charity Foundation, AL Shaikh Nasir AL-Siadawy director of Alistiftaa translation in the office of Grand Ayatollah Alsayyed Mohammed Said AlHakeem .
And of Weast side Dr. Ahmed AlAiravany president of the center of Islamic studies and middle east in U.S ,Grace of the Cardinal Theodore, McCarrik from U.S.A, Mr. James McDermott a member of American Congress , Mr.  Francis Piccand the advisor Swiss foreign affairs , representatives of Peace Research Institution (PRIO) who are Mr. Cristian Harpvaiken and Mrs. Ingeborg k.Haavardsson, Mr. Trond Bakkevig , Mr. GregoryM.Reichberg, Mr. Sverre Johan Kvale, former advisor at Nerve ministry affairs ,the priest Dean Curry from Washington.

It has come in the speech of Samahat AlSayyed Salih AlHakeem after presenting thanks for the personalities and organizations and its efforts :

” I believe that these men are seeking to serve the human ,so they  are the closest  to the Lord , on behalf of Samahat  Grand Ayatollah AlSayyed Mohammed Said AlHakeem that sponsors the process of dialogue in Holy Najaf ,I present his thanks and prayed to the two organizations .

I am confident that the Iraqi ‘s people evaluate these steps and also I thank  the presence of the Cardinal that I think his presence makes the meeting more focus and the brothers who come from America and Iraq , and they who cannot come here because of the difficult conditions in Iraq, the Cardinal Saco , the father Jan , the father Afak and Sabian Sheikh Sattar.

Iraqi people are going through a set of violations and attacks at the hands of a group that do not recognize the human and do not belong to religion ,but it exploits the word Allah in the name of religion , this danger that we are suffering daily, we think that it more danger than the atomic bomb , it is not only a danger on Iraq society but international problem , the whole world and the human and peace lovers  should stand strongly to face this extremism and terrorism which is against human .

In Iraq we have suffered on behalf of socialism at the hands Baath party they do not leave any house of Iraqis but hurt it , after the change of the regime the people still suffer and bleed daily of women , children and elders by bombs cars and variant torture , our cities are exposed to bombing by cars , in previous year the average of bombing amounted to 12 cars daily , if we knew that each car amounted $600.000 as Zarqawi said ,we will know what the terrorism have of money and support , now they have one-third of  the Iraq area or more , and their potential are larger at the hand of new generation that called Daish that compounded of  Al-Qaida and Baath , Iraq has plagued by leaders and governors do not know but corrupt for people .

We as clerics and heads of sects work to serve our people that insist to live and we hope from our friends to stand with us .

I thank you for the opportunity , my hope this meeting to be useful to exchange views and thinking of what can we to present to this people and the justice issue .

larger at the hand of new generation that called Isis that compounded of  Al-Qaida and Baath , Iraq has plagued by leaders and governors do not know but corrupt for people .

We as clerics and heads of sects work to serve our people that insist to live and we hope from our friends to stand with us .

I thank you for the opportunity , my hope this meeting to be useful to exchange views and thinking of what can we present to this people and the justice issue .

Dr.  Ahmed Al-Jarrah the executive manager of Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation mentioned that this forum exited in several results :

First , express the plaint of Shiites Iraq and targeting them in a systematic form at latest years in addition to targeting the other component in Iraqi social , second, emphasis on the  moderate thinking that is adopted by Najaf scientific school which focuses  on that the perfect solution for problems of religious intolerance and intellectual extremism should be through peaceful coexistence between society components , save and respect all rights , third , Western societies should take the responsibility against the thinking and forces of terrorism through constitute investigation committees to follow support sources and those who stand behind it .

It has come in speech of him about the role of religious Marjiyyah in Iraq after 2003 :

After thanks I talk about the role of religious Marjiyyah in Iraq , there are roles for the Marjiyyah such as sponsoring the components of Iraq society and the process of building the modern state , here before I mention the patterns of roles of the Marjiyyah I should present an abstract of the definition of the religious Marjiyyah :

      Religious Marjiyyah is a religious position that people back to it in legitimacy principles and modern events . Shiites thinks that Marjiyyah has been proved by legitimacy evidence . He who confronts to it should be has the important things which are piousness and the most scientifically . By this a set of scientists encounter to Marjiyyah in every stage , every one of them has his special manner and Assiduousness in the encountering , also one of them individuates as highest Marjia who carries great responsibilities such as sponsoring the people , science and else.

AL- Marjiyyah of Holy Najaf represents the first one of Shiite society , so its imitators extend in several countries of the world . people back to it in expressing the new legitimacy principles , they communicate with it through the agents that deputize of it in the areas which contain its followers .

The most prominent characteristics of Marjiyyah are the scientific depth  and the abnegation in life , this make society strongly link with it, and quickly response to what issue by it . The history of religious Marjiyyah confirms that with hard circumstances it remained steadfast to continue its activity and relation . it has played an important role not only on the Shiites level but on the level of Muslims in the different countries . here I mention the models of role of religious Marjiyyah in current Iraqi’s history:

First : Urging to the coexistence

 We cannot understand the interesting of coexistence in isolation from conditions that passed on religions Marjiyyah especially in the era in which the rule of the criminal Saddam Hussein ,where did toward it  various murder , displacement, torture , prion and else . which gave an ugly image of dictatorship , minority received all positions  of the state, in all provinces of Iraq while the majority lived marginalization in all of its meaning .

 And after the changing happened 2003 , the democratic process produced results impose that Shiites  should take the position of prime minister , Shiites  has been targeted every day . Finally this targeting crowned by Isis attack at 6/10/2014 on Shiites  in north areas ,they announced  the target behind that is Holy Najaf and Holy Karbala .

As Abu Mohammed Al-Adnany one of the most prominent leaders of Isis and the speaker of it said on news sites :

(Continue your crawling ,the fighting still is not Intensify ,there is no intensity , but in Baghdad and Karbala , so you should tighten your belts and should be  ready ). And he followed  directing his speech to prime minster (Indeed there is an liquidating account between us , heavy and long account , but the liquidating account will not be in Samarra or Baghdad , but in impure Karbala and polytheist Najaf . And wait we are waiting with you ). And else of statements .

Back to the changing after 2003 , this imposed on religious Marjiyyah great responsibilities some of them observing political process and working on sponsoring Iraqi’s components , this requires large balance of thinking , the responsibility changed to case of concern of retaliatory reactions , and beware from exploitation of silence and patience of  majority , the Marjiyyah carried the heavy of responsibility and began directing continues recommendation to care democratic process that sponsor all components , beginning from working civil country that saved all rights through election boxes to saving process of shared decision and not  marginalization any one .

When Samahat Highest Ayatollah AL-Sayyed AL-Sistany is asked about the form of rule system he answered: (The system that depends on consultation principle, pluralism and respect rights of all citizens) , and he answered in another position:(new form of Iraq is identified by Iraq’s people in all nationalities and sects and the mechanism of that is free , direct elections ) issued texts by AL-Sayyed AL-Sistany office , Hamid Al-Khafaf 301-302 .

Second : saving Iraqis blood

AL- Marjiyyah worked on this priority ,Iraqi’s people and the observers track the events that stormed Iraq beginning from the occupation process and interring foreign forces to day that companied by the formation of the temporary government and the process of preparing the constitution into exert pressure on citizens to prevent sectarian strifes especially after bombing AL-Askaryyan shrine in Samarra ,all that confirm the strong concern of the Marjiyyah  on the blood of the Iraqi’s people and trying to stay away from what leads to the shedding of one drop of blood .

Grand Ayatollah AL-Sayyed Mohammed said AL-Hakeem has a dressed a letter into Iraqi people 2003:

(Iraq as many countries has collected  different sects in religion , doctrine , nationalities and other affiliations . this is real matter that imposed itself on us ,we should confess it and live with it by wisdom and good conduct in a way that all avoid the problems and serious complications produced by disagreements and spats .

 Whatever intensity of disagreements reached between groups and sects  , it is not of wisdom to cancel some of them for other and assaulting on it and grabbing its right .

Because these lead to :

  • Injustice to the truth .
  • The cause of intolerance to another side that is ignored . whatever he was weak in his reality and his catching to it and responding to the calls of extremism , in a way that increase the gap of disagreement and then prevents the opportunities of meeting and rapprochement and dialogue .
  • This leads to inflame the emotions , the hostility and hatred will take over in a way may be explode to bloody conflict and a strong strife hurt all and destroys the country and atomizes its Unity .
  • This will be a gap to the enemies who lie in wait for us , and the profiteers who live in swamps and prey in murky water .

 Enough of the recent past experience and what happed in this country from the devastation and grief which are a lesson people benefit in their affairs and correct their situations .

 People of the same country should confess their reality in which they live and adapting with it by mutual respect between all and good mixing and cohabitation and giving each one his rights and feeling care , avoiding the friction that raises emotion , injures feeling (Letter of Samahat AL-marjea for dear Iraqi’s people 10 ) Samahat AL-Sayyed AL-sistany issued a statement after the event of explosion of Samara , the text is: ((The criminals and expiators  who committed that flagrant assault want to make it a starting point for sectarian sedition in Iraq , they thought that this assault will bring them closer to achieve their malicious goals in this dear country , because they disable to ignite fire of sedition for more than two years since beginning of occupation , despite all they committed of atrocity butcheries in several places especially in Holy cities such as Najaf , Karbala , Kadhimia)) until to reach ((and Also we call the believers when they live this sad occasion and express their feelings toward what their Imams are suffixed of violation and assault , we call them to care utmost discipline , and don’t do any saying or doing that disservice to the citizens of our brothers of Alsunnah ,because  they are sinless from this heinous crime and they dissatisfy in it ever .(issued texts,   172 )

Third : Demanding reforms and compliance with the law

 AL-Marjiyyah not only observes the performance of governments , but there are continuous guidance to correct the march of government’s performance . It has been observed, and stupendous that religious Marjiyyah closed the door in front of politician and prevented their meeting in protest at the lack of response to the demands correcting government march. Samahat AL-Sayyed AL-Sistany has confirmed in more than once on the bad use of authority and the need to combat corruption , and he stressed on enable judiciary to do its role in accounting and punish corruption . (issued texts ,273), and last guidance was to Iraqi’s prime minister in order to bear full responsibility to do necessary reforms in Iraqi’s government and correct the judicial system .

We can see a set of chances that can contribute to do solutions to tackle current Iraq situation .

Some of these points should be seen by International organization seriously :

  1. working to unify the ideas toward supporting Iraqi’s government to enable it to fight terrorism forces in Iraq and follow up the implementation of reforms to promote the country from its bad reality to the best .
  2. regarding the point of view of religious Marjiyyah about terrorism because it mentions several matters :
  3. The terrorism do not represent AL-Islam in anyway .
  4. Investigative committees must be formed to follow up crimes and know the identity of the terrorist groups and sources of funding .
  5. The experience of civil society organization in Iraq , recent experience established after 2003 , it with all that offers of good performance but it stills need to support , develop and training .

The deputy Layla Alkhafhjy mentioned “That Iraqi parties in this forum put their hands on the injuries of Iraqi people and express all basic problems that threaten the social texture in Iraq especially expiatory intruder thought that practiced by Isis gangs in regions that occupied by it.
On the other side Fr.Afak Asadoryan the president of Iraqi Armin Arthuduxe expresses his fears of exposing the Christian component in Iraq to dangerous of end the existence because of Forced evacuation for them .The international society demands to rebuild Infrastructure for Ecclesiastical institutions in Iraq including of it the schools and hospitals and into find small work projects that enable displaced people that return to their home to depend on themselves to revival again
Orphan Charity Foundation that is sponsored by Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyed Mohammed Said Al-Hakeem participated by showing documental film (the crime of the century) which is translated to English that talks the tragedy of forced displaced and immigrants of Shiat Ahlulbait (peace upon them ) and crimes of Isis after events of failing Musel city at 10th of Jun 2014.

Sheikh Mahmoud Jarad Aesawy demanded from the organizers of this forum (Iraq ,U.S,Nerve) to held another forum that to be integral for this forum held in Iraq specifically in Baghdad to exit in practical results and applications to solve Iraq problems related to religion, sect and national .

It is mentioned that the center of Hikmeh aims to open up on other thought and culture and extend bridge of communication between Islamic world and western world .


Al Hikmeh center participates at International Paris conference and confirms on the plaint of the Shiites in the world


Samahat Alallamah AlSayyed Salih Al-Hakeem ,the president of Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and cooperation participated002-4_cle011ab5-77a2a at International Paris Conference that hold at 8/9/2015 about victims  of religious and ethnic violence   ,the conference hold at the ministerial center for the conferences with participation of 60 countries and 15 international organizations to do a road map includes suggestions for moving on the Humanitarian, judicial and political level
about the victims of the middle east .

The speech of AlSayyed Salih includes a set of centers :

  • Moslems Shiites are targeted in the first class to the terrorist gangs  in several areas of the world , in Iraq  the terrorist works constitute % 90 of it that target Shiites population . This comes after issuing Fatwa in the name of the religion that  atones Shiites, Even allows the killing of their children and women ,alas we have not heard any defense or mention to these plaints in international forums  which represent  a question mark for millions of Shiites in all areas of the world where imply to them as if the blood of Shiites and their victims do not constitute a figure worthy of respect ,and some people interpret the silence of the world is a support to terrorism .
  • the sufficiency in acquittal Islamic religion  from accusation of terrorism is not a solution for the disaster that befell on the humanity as a result of terrorist works that carry the name of Islamic religion .

Scientists of Muslims should confess the existence of abnormal group within Islamic entity depend on views of  Scholars and thinkers that are  perverts and extremists ,they atone every one differs with them in sect or religion ,subsequently the scientists of Shiites should treat these imbalance and deviation , Which is in reality far from the spirit of Islam and the principles of humanity ,and the governments of Islamic countries should observe  education curriculum in the schools and mosques and refining it from the Penitential and exclusionary  thoughts , and adopting the dialogue as a base for the coexistence .

  • The bad exploitation of religion that meets the satanic political interests ,they are props that support the terrorism , and no way for basic solutions , but by sober and intellectual treatments , and cut off sources that support the terrorism ,and activating the international judicial procedures to pursuit the terrorists and criminals that supporting them .

It has been mentioned that the conference concluded its works emphasizing on the following matters: International society and concerned countries should give great importance to facilitate the return of refugees and displaced people, and the participants have to determine to increase support to the affected population, and the societies ,countries that host them to enable them to live in dignity with saving their identity ,and support national authority, local governments and the societies that host refugees and displaced people through the preparation of programs capable  to mitigate the burden that lying on it and increase their powers ,as well as improving health services and the education ,and care in the victims of violence through the activities of psychological ,medical and social follow-up ,and the importance of restoration of infrastructure and public utilities in particular the hospitals and schools for encouraging groups to re-mixing ,and executing social, economic growing programs in the areas of population return and also taking into account the people most at risk ,especially women and children , as well as paying careful attention to the conditions of retrieving real properties of the displaced people .

Hikmeh center participates at Italy ‘s conference  and calls to tolerance culture and freedom of thought


By invitation of the president of inter-ministerial committee for human rights in the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation in Roma .

 Samahat Alallamah AlSayyed Salih AlHakeem the president of  Hikmeh center for dialogue and cooperation  participated at the conference of freedom of conscience ,thought and religion on 18-19-2015 .

He has participated with 30 personalities of several countries represented intellectual , academic and humanitarian organizations and institutions .

AlSayyed Alallamah has said about the first axis ( freedom of thought, religion and expression ) in two issues  :

Freedom of thought is the perfect way to reach the truth , and human by his innate has free and wonder thought that reject restrictions , and the bug that corrupts the instinct when human has fed with ideas that contrary  to his habits , by brainwashing process which is production of training and educational process leads to the ossification and reject the other , starting to see things as a non-reality .

The cultural brakes that stand against the thought ossification are :

  • Humanitarian association : spreading the idea of humanitarian nation , the humanitarian link is the strongest , and all discrimination in the human affiliation is an illusion , ( all of you from Adam and Adam from dust ) , there is no differences between human wounds , in this point the clerics play larger role .
  • Common destiny : it imposes us coexistence , the content of the prophetic hadith says ( if you were in a ship and one of you wants to breach it under his feet you should prevent him even if in his own portion ).
  • The dialogue : no way for the coexistence but in dialogue , and accept the diversity ,Quran says ( I am with you in right way or you in clear error ) , Imam Ali ( peace upon him ) says : ( people are two categories whether your brother in religion or rival for you in creation ) , we are whatever reaching of science is limited and need to the other ( what you have given of science but little ) the generous Quran .
  • Finding truth : spreading the spirit of finding the truth , as if the truth that human searches is the lost aim , ( wisdom is the aim of the believer) .
  • Leaving religious intolerance : we need to understand the spirit of religions , all religions see that the slavery is for God ( who is not limited ) , human liberation from the self-slavery or the slavery for anything but not God which is in its reality is a restriction for freedom of thought , the dangerous of religion is that slavery shift to the clerics , this is the great disaster .

The second issue in the first axis comes under title ” the situation at the middle east ” ,  as Samahat Alallamah mentioned the situation by a set of points :

  • In our area the dictatorial regime is one of the most important factors that prevented the freedoms , and created appropriate ground to growing the terrorism , and killing the spirit of citizenship , because of people regard homeland is  a property of the dictator , killing the spirit of cooperation and helping others are preventing pluralism of culture and reducing common freedoms .
  • Exploitation of religious spirit which is respected by peoples especially at the end of seventies of last century , so collapse of the socialist system ,also the poverty , destitution and the repression help on that , and the absence of freedoms in some countries such as Egypt ,Tunis and Pakistan .
  • Support that is not studied for dictatorships that adopted and supported the extremism and terrorism , and genocide to find new enemy after the communism , it is Islam , the first experience succeeded that is supported in Algeria to make humanitarian masses do not know but hatred and do not proficient but killing , we are as a peoples suffering from disaster.


There are some treatments that may benefit in mitigating the effects of this killer disease :

  • Religion should be away from political exploitation .
  • Support the humanitarian dialogue to promote peoples coexistence, especially in countries that the extremism was spared
  • Support the culture of human shared and the same destiny of human .
  • Cleaning the curriculum from the culture of racial and religious cleansing that spread in some countries .
  • Cut off the intellectual and logistic sources of terrorism .

The second axis ( methods of real ,inclusive and  religious dialogue and appropriate applications to support and spread tolerance culture ):

Samahat AlSayyed Salih talked about religious dialogue :

Religious dialogue means the dialogue of clerics about the ideological aspects for reaching commons that reducing the religious and intellectual differences , we think that this type of dialogue is less importance than common humanitarian dialogue .

The creator dialogue is civil humanitarian dialogue that includes clerics and else regarding them as members of humanitarian family , here the religious culture and the humanitarian experiences interact for rooting intellectual commons , the successful creator dialogue is the stemming from the conviction and the faith , where these groups find themselves and its future in convergence with other , and the need of interests overlap and the unity of the risks that face , today the world is on two camps : they who believe in freedom for all , and they who believe in hatred , exclusion and racism , we can say that they are minority ,yes but one crazy can disrupt hundreds of people .

The danger of terrorism is real and threatens everyone , we need to the rapprochement to form a stronger force against the imminent danger , the dialogue should be a life necessity compels us not to arrogance on the other , the dialogue should be between the elites and the owners of responsibilities , the important that these elites able to transfer the concepts of dialogue to their masses , here we need people have credibility in their follower believe in the strength of dialogue , and feel the danger .

Here we should emphasize on :

  • Building moral system maximizes human .
  • Spreading rationality and wisdom .
  • The fight against ignorance .
  • Finding shared cooperation opportunities between peoples in different levels ( cultural ,economic ,social ) ,the rapprochement itself mitigate the extremism .
  • Developing an international law to punish and criminalize individuals or the countries that support the terrorism .
  • Al-Marjiyyah in Holy Najaf has confounded of important experiments that express the religious facing to save human and protect his dignity throughout history , from here we call the researchers to study this old school in deep history and interacting with reality .

What is mentioned that this conference comes according to the need for following essential rights of human such as freedom of thought ,religion and conscience , and what is the perception system that achieves the justice and reflects religious concepts? , is it possible to adopt a system based on principles harmonize with religious values and measures of human rights including the religion and freedom ?, is tolerance culture accepted?

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