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Hikmaeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation held several meetings on the sidelines of the victims of violence conference in Paris

سماحة السيد صالح الحكيم مع الرئيس الفرنسي هولاند

After participation of the president of Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation Samahat AlAllameh  AlSayyed Saleh Al-Hakeem at the conference of victims of the violence that is hold in Paris on 8-9-2015 , several side meetings were held , Samahat AlSayyed focused through it on the plaint of Shiites throughout the history , and expressed the importance of treating terrorism intellectual and  drying its logistic source , also expressing the importance role of Holy Najaf in saving public peace in Iraq .

The most important personalities are:

  • French president Frnswa Holand , Samahat AlSayyed has focused through his talk on three main centers :
  • The issue of the terrorism ‘s targeting to the Shiites and the importance of world interesting in the Shiites wound .
  • Dialogue march of Holy Najaf and its communication with the world and the role of Holy Najaf and its effect .
  • The importance of intellectual treating of the terrorism  and drying its logistic source .
  • The Cardinal Saco and Fr. Yusuf Toma , they talked about former conference in Istanbul , and the prospects of cooperation with them in the future , they agree on a meeting in Baghdad later to complete the religion dialogue between scientists of Iraq .
  • The administrator of the religion at the French foreign ministry , Mr. Jean Christoph Bios eel where Samahat AlSayyed Al-Hakeem confirmed that the conference is a positive massage for the families of victims of violence and the evidence on the interesting of the world in their tragedy , also Mr. Jean demanded the written speech of Samahat AlSayyed  which he gave at the conference and expressing his admiration in it .
  • The minister of foreign affairs of Egypt Mr. Samih Shukry , where the minister confirmed that Egypt care for establishing citizenship country and focus on the freedom of  minority  , also Samahat AlSayyed emphasized on the peaceful of the Muslims Shiites and their pride in their nationality and their persecution and the terrorism processes by the extreme forces .
  • The Iraqi Cristian deputy Mr. Yunadem Kannah , they talk about religious Holy Najaf school and the project of Hikmeh center for dialogue and the concentration of the center on the importance of humanitarian coexistence and the importance of the cooperation with Christian component .
  • The foreign minister of Jordon Mr. Nasir Jodah , where they talked  about the importance of Jordon for Iraq as a neighboring country and the importance of the communication between them , where there is a deficiency of the Jordon side for communicating Holy Najaf , while the most of world ‘s countries have a communication with it , this is a defect that should treat it .
  • Also Samahat AlSayyed met a number of important personalities such as the representative of the General secretary of  the united nations in Iraq Mr. Jan Cobais and the representative of China Mr. Welkson and the responsible of the conference Franswa Icsafeer Deeno who express their support to the speech of Samahat AlSayyed and they demanded it as a written pattern , also the ambassador of Iraq in France Dr. Fareed Yaseen and the ambassador Safyyah AlSihill and the deputy Vian Dikheel who admired the speech of AlSayyed .

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