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Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation helds several meetings on sidelines of Roma conference


After participation of the president of Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation Samahat Al-Allameh AL-Sayyed Saleh AL-Hakeem at the conference of Roma which is holed on 18-19/9/2015 , several meetings have holed on sidelines of Roma’s conference , the most of these meetings included the focus of Samahat ALSaayyed on several main  points , some of them the importance  of the Shiites intellectual , the life of the school of ( Ahlul Bait) , Holy Najaf as a scientific University , and the religious  Marjieyyah and its relationship with people ( its intellectual and social role) , and the peculiarities of Imamia sect which is represented by leaving the entry of AL Ijtihad is opened and rejecting the link with governments ( physical and intellectual independence ) , and the rejection of its scientists to inter the political conflict , their existence is spiritual existence and their  call is for country respects the religion not religious country , the most prominent one of those personalities are :

  • Martino especial scholar of lingual and the director of Oasis magazine which is issued in two languages Arabic and English , they have talked about Islam , Christianity , theology and philosophical , they agreed 0n scientific communication and intellectual exchanging between them .
  • Maseemo Khair Allah , specialist in Arabic language at Venice University , they talked about the terrorism and extremism and the role of Holy Najaf for saving the peace , Dr. Maseemo confirmed his admiration in AlSayyed AlHakeem opinions .
  • The Catholic and Italy priest Dr. Marseel  specialist in speech art , they have been talked about the nature of the study of Catholic school in Italia and Imamia school in Holy Najaf .
  • Italian atheists association , Samahat Alsayyed has noted through his meeting with the association to two points :
  • – The existence of religion is wholesome and his absence hurts the community , because it is a moral motive , so reject the religion of society is harmful issue .
  • The atheist denies the existence of Allah , this shows ignorance , because the denial needs to a full induction to say there is no existence of Allah, but if the atheist said that he has not  found a results or evidence this means that it is a personal opinion and cannot be generalized and build on it .
  • Hisham AlAshmawy , the president of American Egyptian Businessmen Association , they talked about extremism , Dr. Hisham was think that all religious man is extremist , but he change his opinion finally ,where he said that he hopes to be religious man at this level .
  • AlSayyed Ezil-Deen Al-Zeer , the responsible of the Islamic Association in Italia where there was a talk about the situation of Muslims in Italia , Asayyed Ezil-Deen explained his admiration in the new Pope and agreed on cooperation in the future .
  • The Italian artist Jorje Fura the specialist in photographic , she explained her strong admiration  in the talk of AL-Sayyed AL-Hakeem and mentioned that the depth of his  talk does not exist in Europe .
  • The Lebanese journalist Jezeal Khory , the president of Waseem Qaseer foundation in lab nan , she explained her great admiration in thesis of Holy Najaf .
  • The representative of General secretary of United Nations in Geneva .
  • Turkish journalist Jinkeez where he talked about his visit to the religious Margie AL-Sayyed AL-Sistani , and his relationship with Jalal AL-Talabani and Adel Abdul Mahdi and his envisage about two situations Turkish and Iraqi .

For his part Samahat AL-Sayyed Salih AL-Hakeem focused through his meetings on the listening  for the religious and social experiences of them  and calling for cooperation and the importance of communication with them , because they do not know Shiites thought , many of them recorded their respect for thought and opinions of AL-Sayyed AL-Hakeem especially mentioning the differences with other religious men.

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