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Hikmeh center participates at Italy ‘s conference and calls to tolerance culture and freedom of thought

By invitation of the president of inter-ministerial committee for human rights in the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation in Roma . Samahat AlAllameh Alsayyed Salih AlHakeem the president of Hikmeh center for dialogue and cooperation participated at the conference of freedom of conscience ,thought and religion on 18-19-2015 ...

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Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation will participate at the conference of (Freedom of Conscience ,Thought and religion ) in Rome

 By the invitation of the president of Inter-ministerial Committee for Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome , Al-Allamah  Al-Sayyed Salih Al-Hakeem ,the president of Hikmah Center will participate at the conference of Freedom of Conscience ,Thought and Religion at 18-9- 2015 . The ...

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Al Hikmeh center participates at International Paris conference and confirms on the plaint of the Shiites in the world

Samahat ALallmah Alsayyed Salih Al-hakeem ,the president of Hikemah Center for Dialogue and cooperation participated at International Paris Conference that hold at 8/9/2015 about victims  of religious and ethnic violence   ,the conference hold at the ministerial center for the conferences with participation of 60 countries and 15 international organizations to ...

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