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Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation and other foundations held Iraqi dialogue forum in Istanbul

4Hikmeh center for dialogue and cooperation in holy Najaf ,Peace research institution in Oslo and Islamic studies ,Middle east center U.S succeeded to held the Iraqi dialogue forum which is took two days in Turkish Istanpol city ,its works emphasized on expressing real of what Iraqis people suffering and search common spammers for all its component to find scientific solutions to exit from the crisis that afflict the country .
Samahat Alallamah Alsayyed Salih Alhakeem the president of Hikmeh for dialogue and cooperation “After hard efforts and shared coordination between Peace research institution(PRIO) ,Islamic studies and middle east center (CISME) and our center HCDC) ,forum of Iraqi dialogue was held that aims to call representatives of Iraqi s components of different religions ,ethnics and nationalities ,and inviting religious, academic and governmental personalities of U.S, Switzerland ,Nerve to determine practical solutions that aim to find real solutions for the crisis that storms the country that is Takfirist thought and terrorism”.


Al-Hakeem added ” shared delegation of Iraq was composed of AlAllamah Alsayyed Muhammed Ali Alhilu the director of the scientific Sadiq center and library ,the professor Abdul Razzak Alesa advisor of the minister of higher education and scientific research ,Dr.Alshaikh mahmood Jarad Alesawy Imam ,orator of Hadrah Kaderyyah and advisor of president of the republic in religious affairs ,Dr. Abdullah wesy president of scientists union of Kurdistan region ,the two members of representatives assembly Mrs.Layla Alkhafajy ,Mrs.Vian Dikheel ,Mr.Hassan Al-Jarrah the representative of Orphan Charity Foundation,ALshaikh Nasir ALsiadawy director of Alistiftaa translation in the office of Grand Ayatollah Alsayyed Mohammed Said AlHakeem .
And of Weast side Dr.Ahmed AlAiravany president of the center of Islamic studies and middle east in U.S ,Grace of the Cardinal Theodore, McCarrik from U.S.A, Mr.James McDermott a member of American Congress , Mr. Francis Piccand the advisor Swiss foreign affairs , representatives of Peace Research Institution (PRIO) who are Mr.Cristian Harpvaiken and Mrs .Ingeborg k.Haavardsson,Mr.Trond Bakkevig , Mr.GregoryM.Reichberg, Mr.Sverre Johan Kvale, former advisor at Nerve ministry affairs ,the priestDean Curry from Washington.


The deputy Layla Alkhafhjy mentioned “That Iraqi parties in this forum put their hands on the injuries of Iraqi people and express all basic problems that threaten the social texture in Iraq especially expiatory intruder thought that practiced by Isis gangs in regions that occupied by it.
On the other side Fr.Afak Asadoryan the president of Iraqi Armin Arthuduxe expresses his fears of exposing the Christian component in Iraq to dangerous of end the existence because of Forced evacuation for them .The international society demands to rebuild Infrastructure for Ecclesiastical institutions in Iraq including of it the schools and hospitals and into find small work projects that enable displaced people that return to their home to depend on themselves to revival again
Orphan Charity Foundation that is sponsored by Grand Ayatollah Alsayyed Mohammed Said Al-Hakeem participated by showing documental film (the crime of the century) which is translated to English that talks the tragedy of forced displaced and immigrants of Shiat Ahlulbait (peace upon them ) and crimes of Isis after events of failing Musel city at 10th of Jun 2014
Shaikh Mahmood Jarad Aesawy demanded from the organizers of this forum (Iraq ,U.S,Nerve) to held another forum that to be integral for this forum held in Iraq specifically in Baghdad to exit in practical results and applications to solve Iraq problems related to religion, sect and national .
Dr. Ahmed Aljarrah, the executive director for Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation concluded ” this forum out in several results ,first : expressing the suffering of Shiat Ahlulbait (peace upon them ) in Iraq and targeting them in systematic form in last years so as to targeting another components in Iraq society , second :confirming on moderate thought that is regulated by scientific school of Najaf emphasizes that perfect solution for religious intolerance and intellectual terrorism will be through peaceful coexistence between components of Iraq , save and respect rights of all ,third: western societies carry responsibility of facing thought and forces of terrorism through formation of investigative comities for following supporting sources and those who stand behind it .
It is mentioned that the center of Hikmeh is sponsored by Grand Ayatollah Alsayyed Mohammed Said Al-Hakeem and aims to open up on other thought and culture and extend bridge of communication between Islamic world and western world .


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