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In Tozkhormato city of Iraq …… new Karbala tragedy

Images of violations in the tragedy of Karbala were multiple, this painful incident which is suffered by Hussein bin Ali and his family and companions of the elders , women and children into the murder and captivity , including Sayeda Zeinab the daughter of Ali, who had a starring role embodied in caring of what was left of the children and women in the march of exile from Karbala to Kufa and then to Damascus, she continued  expressing  the message of the revolution  of her brother Hussein against the tyrants in multiple occasions of this process, making her the immorality woman in the Shia tradition and a model for the challenge and patience,

In Iraq today in the small village Berawgli one of villages of Tozkhormato city of Kirkuk which suffered various terrorist attack ,a new Zainab was born ( Suhailah Kamal Kahia), the woman who lost her father , her son , her husband , three of her brothers and fourteen of her cousins , she encountered pains and challenges by beautiful patience .

She talks strongly about her tragedy :

I did not cry for my three brothers who were martyred and they sacrifice for our honor , fields , homes , mosques and our village schools , refusing the surrender and defeat in front of the dwarves because they are in the case of self-defense against every an aggressor and unrighteous.

I did not cry for my ill husband , who was unarmed and just out of kidney extirpation , they were taking him in front of my eye to kill him in cold blood, and then throwing his body in the village water project ( he was a worker in the water project which has been providing the neighboring villages which are incubator for terrorism for twenty years ).

I did not cry when I waked with the procession of immaculate cadavers of twenty martyrs of my family and my cousins along the way between Tozkhormato hospital to the martyrs cemetery, as I filed them to the Gardens of Eternity, similar to the martyrs of the tuff  tragedy .

I did not cry for eleven of my cousins who fled to Kirkuk to be killed in one of the mosques by explosive belt, because the Satan’s desire has not recovered from killing the innocent people yet.

But I just cried …..yes cried at a moment of weakness , excuse me my Lord for my tears I do not have its stability , and forgive me my Lady (Zainab ,the daughter of Ali ) , because I did not follow her.

Yes, I confess that my tears came down without my control at the moment when they take my son the beautiful boy who has sixty years in front of my eye ,when the monsters tied his hands to the back , and at the moment of demanding my husband to kill him instead of the boy who has not had a taste of life yet, and he has returned from the work as a construction worker in the clothes of work and the innocent of boy.

Yes, his innocent look bloodied my heart and shock my deeps when he turned towards me in confused childish look when they drag him among them like he asks me :

Mom what is my sin ? and what offense perpetrated against

those? So they are doing like this to me .

Moments I see his murder scene that did not depart my imagination ever , image of beasts compete on the prey for tearing its bowels , as I am in the forest of monsters , the look of my son escapes with the escape of  the predators that hunted him , waiting for him trembled and perplexed in the blackness of night , which did not leave me a way not wait .

Moments to hear voices of  bullets rise like talking to me about the fate of my son , as it pronounced his name with the names of  the departed people of my family , and here I confirmed to be that being us what happened in Karbala tragedy , and this tragedy must renewed as long as there are enemies for the humanity.

Greeting to you the Turkmen ( Suhaila Kamal Kahia ) and your moving in the footsteps of Sayeda Zainab , because you are carrying a message of faith in the fate and resistance to blind terrorism.

You are the Iraqi daughter , mother and sister who writes her story in the message of humanity , courage and sacrifice to raise the slogan of  ” life will triumph on blood ” .

Directed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Jarrah

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