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About Us

Description of the center

Al-kalima Center for Dialogue and Cooperation is a center of relations and researches , its works represent the religious and scientific massage of Holy Najaf , the center aims to diversify the relations , transfer and exchange the thoughts and beholdings of the experts and specialists of the world .

According to this goals , the center works to facilitate the issue of hosting the academics , strategic experts , journalists and the representatives of civic society organizations in Iraq to target strengthening the relations and publishing the intellectual production and what it reaches of information and reports .

Dialogue is regarded as one of main centers of religious Marjieyyah interests in Holy Najaf , the opportunity became available after the change in Iraq on 2003 for expanding the religious and cultural dialogue activities .

The religious Marjieyyah has played important role to protect the peace and national unity , this march is promoted by establishing Al-kalima Center for Dialogue and Cooperation which cares in communication with personalities and active foundations by rational and purposive dialogue for building social peace which depends on principles of shares respect and understand the religious , cultural and intellectual exclusiveness of humanitarian societies for translating the constants of Islamic religion and the approach Ahlul Bait ( peace upon them ) , the center works according to inclusive dialogue vision that has universal , regional ,and national dimension that is sponsored by the office of religious Margie Grand Ayatollah AlSayyed Mohammed Said Al-Hakeem .

The Aims :

  • Building communication bridges between societies .
  • Open up the horizons of cooperation between religious and scientific institutions in Holy Najaf on one side and cultural , scientific organizations of the world on the other side .
  • Understanding religious and cultural particulars of humanitarian groups .
  • Benefiting from successful humanitarian experience .

Achievements :

  • A sequence of dialogues in cultural and religious field .
  • Several conferences and symposiums internal and external of Iraq .
  • Traveling of tens of academic between Iraq and external world .