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Daily Archives: 1 May، 2018

The message of Sayyed Riyadh Al-Hakeem at the end of the 14th sipring of martyrdom, which was entitled “In Imam Hussein we are revolutionists and in Fatwa we are victorious,” which religious, national, cultural and academic figures from inside and outside Iraq participated in it.

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful The Festival of Spring of martyrdom is a valuable opportunity to connect with influential figures from different countries to highlight the noble identity of Islam and its noble values, which have been absent in this difficult period due to the practices and ...

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Director of Kalima Center for Dialogue and Cooperation participates in the Najaf Al-Ashraf Conference

His Eminence Sayyed Salih Al-Hakeem, Director of Kalima Center for Dialogue and Cooperation, participated in the Najaf Al-Ashraf Conference entitled ” juveniles between Islamic Jurisprudence and Law” organized by the Strategic Center for Human Rights in Iraq in cooperation with the Canadian University. During the conference, His Eminence presented a ...

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