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Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation holds a symposium with clerics and foreign foundations about humanitarian dialogue project

Holy Najaf 18-1-2016

By cooperation with Peace Research Institute-Oslo and the Center of Islamic Studies and Middle East in Washington , Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation worked a symposium with participation of an elite of Hawzah personalities in Holy Najaf on the hall of Hikmeh foundation in Holy Najaf .

The participants talked about several axis the most significance of them the beholding of Islam in plurality and dialogue and rejecting violence , and emphasizing on Ahlulbait school in this field , the aim of the dialogue is the definition of what we believe and not concession of it , and expressing the role of religious Marjiyyeh and scientific Hawza in Holy Najaf which is distinguished in objectivity in maintain on social weaving , as well as mentioning several witnesses that clarify the history of long coexistence between Iraqi components , especially in Middle and south of Iraq such as the existence of Christians and Sunni in the Middle of Shiites as in Basra province .

Also the participants argued several issues such as :

What are the successful norms of the dialogue between nations and peoples ?what produced ? and the issue of the blood care that bleeds in Iraq , Syria , Yemen and Pakistan by international society .

Samahat Al-SayyedSalih Al-Hakeem , the president of the center said : this is the second meeting with the two foundations the first one was yesterday tackled the subject of ” peace building in Iraq ” with different elites and today is the second meeting with the participation of clerics in Holy Najaf under title ” humanitarian dialogue project , reality and future ” , these two symposiums come including a sequence of meetings with Norwegian brothers and doctor Al-Airawany the president of Islamic studies center to talk about the issue of the dialogue and the peace in Iraq through holding symposiums , we call representatives of clerics on the components of Iraqi people were the first before three years ,this fourth meeting comes to give especial impression about Holy Najaf and its role in peaceful coexistence .

Also his eminence expressed the seeking of the center to build relationships with intellectual and scientific personalities and specialist foundation for building nice relationships with others and communicating them to reach humanitarian commons that can be the source of unity and coexistence between human being.

In what mentions that the visit of the two foundation came according to an invitation of Hikmeh Center for Dialogue and Cooperation , it has organized a program for them included several symposiums and visit scientific centers and cultural foundations and importance personalities , most notably of them, visit the Shrine of Imam Ali ( peace be upon him ) and visit Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyed Mohammed Said Al-Hakeem (his shadow is expanded ).




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